Twin State Martial Arts Association    - The Backbone of Twin State Martial Art Competition since 2010
Each year the Twin State Martial Arts Association will acknowledge a State Champion from Vermont and State Champion from New Hampshire which will lead to an overall champion earning the title of Twin State Champion.  This is not just another ranking service. This Association is recognized as the official “State Champion Circuit” in the Twin State area by some of the most well respected Martial Artists including Grand Master Ed Budd, Grand Master Denise Rouleau, Hanshi Richard Bernard.
Sparring Guidelines
Ring size no smaller than 16 feet square
-No time limit
-No leg kicks
-No face contact
-No blind techniques
-First to three (3) points wins match, five (5) for all Black Belt Divisions.
-Head contact is to protected area only, with light contact in all divisions.
 -No contact to groin, face, legs or spine is allowed.
-All point scoring techniques must be above waistline, from the kidneys forward.
-Two majority call warnings of the same infraction, results in disqualification
-Head judge and/or tournament arbitrator make final call on all blood rulings before any disqualifications are ruled.
-Foul language or disrespect may result in the loss of a point or disqualification
These are not necessarily rules but guidelines for all TSMAA promoters to follow.  Each Tournament will have its own “official” rules.
-Fusion is a "gentleman/gentlewoman" MMA. (no knockouts, no ground and pound)

    Possible weight divisions   
     -Lightweight (150 lbs & Under)
     -Welterweight (151-170 lbs)
     -Middleweight (171-190 lbs)
     -Light Heavyweight (191-210 lbs)
     -Heavyweight (211+ lbs)
- Complete list of rules